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Weekly Brainwave

  • Scientists reveal that tiny brain areas can take micro-naps, while the rest stays awake. These patterns, lasting milliseconds, offer a fresh view of brain wave activity. The study found flickers of wakefulness during sleep, changing our understanding of brain states.
  • In this second article in a series on philosophy and science, we look at dialectics and its relevance to understanding change in the natural world. Where mechanical materialism — the deterministic and clockwork view of the Universe during the Enlightenment — hit a dead-end, dialectical materialism carried materialism forward and enriched materialist philosophy with a more advanced, holistic view of the world, considering and embracing contradictions in nature rather than ignoring or seeing them as a problem.
  • Researchers found chromosomes in a 52,000-year-old woolly mammoth fossil, preserved to the nanometer scale. The intact chromosomes allow for assembling the entire DNA sequence, providing insights into extinct species. The mammoth had 28 chromosome pairs, similar to modern elephants.