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Here, on our own private social network, you can interact with other Mensans, your Local Group, local and national officers, and Mensa Special Interest Groups. If you’ve used Yahoo! or Google Groups, or similar forum software, you should find the layout familiar. Included are public forums where you can connect with other members and private communities for Local Groups, national committees, and officer roles.

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Weekly Brainwave

  • A study tracking gifted kids since the 1970s found that many misconceptions about them are incorrect. The Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth has revealed fascinating and unexpected insights into the lives and achievements of these individuals.
  • Research suggests that there is potential for developing weight loss strategies based on erasing long-lasting food memories. The study indicates that if the memory of the rewarding effect of food outlasts the actual satiating effect of food intake, it may lead to increased food consumption, contributing to overeating and potentially obesity. By finding ways to erase these long-lasting memories, it could become easier to lose weight.
  • Artificial intelligence, despite its advanced capabilities in many fields, still encounters significant challenges in mathematics. In the 2024 Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition's preliminary round, 563 teams participated using AI to answer questions. Surprisingly, none of these teams scored high enough to progress to the finals. The average score for AI teams was 18, comparable to the human competitors' average. However, the highest score achieved by AI was 34, significantly lower than the highest human score of 113.