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Here, on our own private social network, you can interact with other Mensans, your Local Group, local and national officers, and Mensa Special Interest Groups. If you’ve used Yahoo! or Google Groups, or similar forum software, you should find the layout familiar. Included are public forums where you can connect with other members and private communities for Local Groups, national committees, and officer roles.

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Weekly Brainwave

  • Even when at rest, the brain is never truly quiet. New research in mice sheds light on the seemingly random brain signals that hum in the background of brains. These signals might help the brain switch between states of inattention or disengagement and states of optimal performance, UO researchers reported Oct. 14 in the journal Neuron.
  • Billions of people worldwide speak two or more languages. (Though the estimates vary, many sources assert that more than half of the planet is bilingual or multilingual.) One of the most common experiences for these individuals is a phenomenon that experts call “code switching,” or shifting from one language to another within a single conversation or even a sentence.
  • NASA's aircraft flight scheduling technology will start rolling out in 2023 to better coordinate aircraft movements at airports across the United States. It follows almost four years of research and testing by NASA and the FAA.