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Here, on our own private social network, you can interact with other Mensans, your Local Group, local and national officers, and Mensa Special Interest Groups. If you’ve used Yahoo! or Google Groups, or similar forum software, you should find the layout familiar. Included are public forums where you can connect with other members and private communities for Local Groups, national committees, and officer roles.

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Weekly Brainwave

  • When a bird sings, you may think you're hearing music. But are the melodies it's making really music? Or is what we're hearing merely a string of lilting calls that appeals to the human ear?
  • Driving Farce

    By Cheryl Laurent | Illustrated by Kirsten Wahlquist What do a beater first car and the deluxe Weinermobile have in common? Character, says Mensan Cheryl Laurent. When it's time for a more reliable vehicle her partner, The Beloved, shares his shortlist of must-haves.
  • Social animals, including humans, constantly engage in interactions with others. In this process, the ability to recognize the identity of the social counterpart, retrieve relevant information about them from memory and update it from the current interaction is critical for establishing social relationships.