National Marketing Officer

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Signup Deadline: 05-15-2021
Starts: 07-01-2021
Ends: 06-30-2022
Location: Online Opportunity


This position is for a non-voting member of the American Mensa Committee as Marketing Officer.

As a member of the AMC, you would normally attend four in-person meetings per year, one of those meetings is the Annual Gathering. 

Job Description:

Pursuant to AML’s Bylaws, the duties of the Marketing Officer shall be those implied by the title, as well as any other duties which may be assigned to them by the American Mensa Committee. In addition to the general responsibilities, the Marketing Officer has additional specific responsibilities.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Collaborates with staff on AML’s marketing and publicity efforts.
  2. Monitors and participates in discussions on related Mensa Connect communities.
  3. Advises AML marketing staff and the AMC on publicity, recruitment and Mensa’s image to the public.
  4. Advises Local Group public relations officers, upon their request.
  5. Advises on matters where member rights and interests may conflict with the desire to maintain a positive public image for Mensa.
  6. Liaison for Chief Judge of Mind Games®.
  7. Oversees the licensing of AML’s name and logo incompliance with ASIEs.
  8. Serves as a member of the crisis communications team designated within the AML Crisis Communication Management Plan.
  9. Authorize, in tandem with the Marketing and Communications Director, corporate advertising tie-ins to Mensa.
  10. Monitor opportunities for and promote positive external and internal publicity for Mensa in all areas of AML activities.

Charge of the Marketing Committee:

The charge of the committee shall be to review and suggest marketing opportunities internally and externally, and to coordinate Mind Games as requested by the Marketing Officer. Additionally, the committee may be requested to provide diverse perspectives and insights to select marketing efforts and how they may benefit or impact potential members or prospective members. The committee will also be encouraged to share proven marketing initiatives they discover and submit those as well as original suggestions to the Marketing Officer.


Ability to send Emails
Public Relations

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary

Committee Chair:

LaRae Bakerink