National Communications Officer

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Signup Deadline: 05-15-2021
Starts: 07-01-2021
Ends: 06-30-2022
Location: Online Opportunity


This position is for a non-voting member of the American Mensa Committee as Communications Officer.

As a member of the AMC, you would normally attend four in-person meetings per year, one of those meetings is the Annual Gathering.

Job Description:

Pursuant to AML’s Bylaws, the duties of the Communications Officer shall be those implied by the title, as well as any other duties which may be assigned to them by the American Mensa  Committee. In addition to the general responsibilities, the Communications Officer has additional specific responsibilities.

Specific Responsibilities:
  1. Oversees the publications of AML including the Bulletin, M2, and other periodicals, including, feedback on content, Member feedback, etc.
  2. Reviews final copy of the Bulletin before publication.
  3. Reviews final copy of the M2 before publication.
  4. Oversees the AML website
  5. Receives information and provides feedback to the AML staff regarding updates, changes, and improvements to the website
  6. Oversees social media
  7. Selects recommendations for moderators and administrators
  8. Provides guidance, training, and policy interpretation for the social media administrators and moderators
  9. Advises regarding additional outlets regarding social media growth and communications
  10. Oversees Local Group publications
  11. May review copies of newsletters for each Local Group.
  12. Advises Editors and Publishers in compliance with rules and regulations,
  13. Provide support for coordination of efforts for content, cost savings, and best practices
  14. Chair the Communications Committee for development of policy and procedures of internal communications
  15. Along with AMC and appropriate committees, develops overall plan for clear, well defined, and understandable policies and guidelines for electronic and written communications.
  16. Monitors Mensa Connect communities for editors, webmasters, and other relevant groups.
  17. Is authorized to make policy decisions on electronic and written communications.
  18. Is authorized to make policy decisions pertaining to the Bulletin, and shall provide the Bulletin Editor with clear directions and support.
  19. Along with the Editor, shall have executive authority for volunteer assistants with the right to appoint or relieve, and to give such directions and make such decisions as required.
  20. Serve as a member of the SIGs Committee
  21. Serve on additional AMC committees and Task Forces at the discretion of the chair
Charge of the Communications Committee:

The charge of the Committee shall be to recommend to the AMC broad publication policies regarding print and electronic media; to steer development of AML national publications; to assist the Communications Officer, Mensa Bulletin Editor, and Director of Operations in setting detailed guidelines and procedures to implement AMC communications policy; and, with the Communications Officer, to develop and to administer programs supporting Editors and Webmasters within AML. The need for the Committee shall be reviewed by the incoming AMC Chairman at the start of each new AMC, according to AMC policy for all committees. The Committee shall report to the AMC quarterly.


Ability to send Emails
Communications-PR or Advertising
Communications-Reporter or Correspondent
Communications-Writer or Editor

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary

Committee Chair:

LaRae Bakerink